About AMS Agency

Slogan: We Help You Get More Customers


213, Sixth Avenue

New Westminster, BC
V3L 1T7

Hotline: +1.800.266.0549

Geographic Focus: Canada, New Westminster

Business Segment: Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design

Avg. Hourly Rate: $100 – $149 / hr

Min Project Size: $5,000+


Employees: 2 – 9

Website: https://www.ams-agency.com/

We Make Your Digital Marketing Matter. This is our mantra and the cornerstone of how we operate. We’re straight talking, and promise to give-it-to-you straight, even when it’s hard news to hear. We build long-term relationships and have a proven track record for hitting our deadlines, staying within budget, and going above and beyond client expectations.


Digital marketing is a problem-solving discipline. We start by researching and understanding your challenges before proposing solutions. Your biggest wins come from taking a long-term view. That’s why a disciplined, thoughtful, and client-centered process is at the core of everything we do.


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