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At Anais Digital, we audit, conceive, develop & improve your digital interface


Our specific methodology combines Lean Startup approach, Lean UX, Lean Analytics and Agile Development. Experience shows that creating sustainable growth through digital innovation is difficult, requiring first that the project scope be aligned with the targeted market’s needs and then as a first starting point, to conceive the smallest solution that matches the needs. Concretely, we create high fidelity prototype based on qualitative interviews. To mitigate risks and raise objections, we test a minimum version (MVP) that matchs with customer objectives and end user needs. We measure performances and adapt the solution to achieve expected results. This scientist approach allows to get faster results and at the end, more adoption. Life is too short to build projects that nobody wants. More on www.anais.digital


Christophe Jouret, Managing partner
Entrepreneur with +15 years experience in digital and entrepreneurship. Being Lean Startup practitioner, I like to impact, trying to deliver high business value with few words (not easy for me). I love to work in team, experiencing the power of collective intelligence. I enjoy to coach, experiencing the power of reciprocity.

Reynald Lemaire, Managing partner
Strong from my 10+ years of experience conceiving & building Digital solutions for Startups, public and larger corporate organisation, my past experience of Business Consultant and as CIO in the Media Industry, I’m helping my customers to win their Digital challenges in our digital and rapidly changing world, where user experience and technology are omnipresent and innovation a must.

And a team of 35 UX/UI researchers and designers, developers, web project managers…

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From 375 EUR to 950 EUR

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Boulevard Brand Whitlock, 87-93
1200 Brussels

Open 08:00-18:00 every weekday.

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[email protected]



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