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Location: Tầng 2A, Tòa nhà 27A3 GreenStars, 234 Phạm Văn Đồng, Bắc Từ Liêm, Hà Nội


Geographic Focus: Hà Nội, Vietnam

Business Segment: 3D, VFX, Video Animation, Video Production


Animost Studio use high-end motion capture gears, professional performance artists, and cutting-edge real-time technologies to help reducing your project time in various parts. Below are a few examples of how we could help speeding up your production time:

For Content Creators: 3D animation production

Creating content faster and better with our real-time production pipeline. By capturing live actions of professional artists into final ray-traced Unreal Engine scenes, we can produce blocking and full animation shots in real-time without compromise.

For Film/VFX Directors/D.O.P: Previz

Animost helps Directors, D.O.P or VFX Supervisors explore previz shots, and make changes to it in real time at a visual quality that conveys their final vision.

For Animation Directors/Game Producers: Motion capture:

Get the best quality animation data with our high-end mocap gears and talent performers. With our actor network coming from various fields, Animost can cover a wide range of performance needs, from dancing, martial art, to action stuns.

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