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BoldLeads Reviews – Bold leads improve your real estate lead generation and increase your leads.


Bold Leads was founded by mother-and-son team Christine and Danny Crane in Chandler, Arizona in 2014. It’s an incredible story that you can read about over here on the Bold Leads website.
Bold Leads is a marketing funnel, which is a term you may not be familiar with. A marketing funnel is a system whose sole purpose is to generate leads. It attracts a visitor, gets their information, and (if it’s doing its job right) helps you nurture a relationship with that visitor in order to obtain them as a client. Basically, it takes a low value sign-up and turns it into a high-value relationship.
When you get access to this system, you are given a list of leads with names, email addresses, and telephone numbers, and you are able to sort through them to prep them for the rest of the funnel. What the funnel does here is set up a series of automated contacts through email, voicemail, or text message for each lead. You can set the method, the time of day, how often they are contacted, and what content they receive. Bold Leads’ system is set-up to nurture a lead this way for two years. And when your leads respond, you get an email so you know exactly when and how it happened.


BoldLeads Reviews – Bold Leads real estate lead generation review. Can Bold Leads improve your real estate lead generation and increase your leads? Watch BoldLeads customer review to know how BoldLeads useful to generate realestate leads.

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