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We’re a great creative marketing agency in Atlanta. You need creative content that gets you noticed.


We’re a small agency that gets big things done beautifully. Creative Outhouse was founded in 2001 and is a creative marketing agency that creates and produces content. We take even the most complex messages and turn them into powerful creative and integrated campaigns that change the way people think, feel and act.

When things change, and you need a new way of looking at a problem, that’s when we’re brought in. If you’re creating a new brand, introducing a new service, reaching a new audience or just want to grow and what you’ve been trying isn’t getting it done, that’s where we shine.

We have senior team that gets up to speed fast. We find the essence of your brand quickly and create compelling videos, commercials, digital ads, outdoor boards, collateral pieces and social media activations that connect with your audience and win them over.

We work with challenger brands. When you’re not the biggest you have to find creative ways to set yourself apart. You don’t have the biggest budgets but you know if you could tell your story in a powerful way, you’d win. That’s our sweet spot.

We create branded content, advertising, sales materials, digital content, branding materials and we plan and place paid media.

• TV
• Radio
• Print
• Outdoor
• Brochures
• Posters
• Infographics
• Integrated Behavior Change campaigns
• Trade Show Booth Designs
• Video Content
• Banner ads & Mobile ads
• Website design & content
• Messaging
• Logos
• Taglines
• Graphic Standard Guides


Over the years, we have won more than 150 industry awards including:  
Hermes Awards: Gold and Platinum for The Clean Air Campaign
MarComm Awards: Gold and Platinum for The Clean Air Campaign and CDC’s Learn the Signs. Act Early. campaign.
Web Health Award: Gold for The Clean Air Campaign
AVA Digital Awards: Gold and Platinum for The Clean Air Campaign
Communicator Awards: Silver Award of Distinction for State Road & Tollway Authority
PRSA Phoenix Awards for The Clean Air Campaign and State Road & Tollway Authority
Galaxy Awards, ASTRID AWARDS , Mercury Awards
Healthcare Marketing Awards & Georgia Hospital Association Awards for Northside Hospital
Telly’s: Gold and Silver Awards for Metro North Georgia Water District
Cannes Lions, One Show and More


Our creative works because it is based on a strong central idea that connects to people. We work with long-term clients and on short-term projects, so we have much more content in addition to what you see below. If you’d like to see more, or if you’d like us to create some for you contact us.

We want to know our work works. With every assignment, we will push for clear goals and measurable results. Here are a few examples of clients that had challenges and worked with us to overcome them.

State Road & Tollway Authority
Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
CDC’s Learn the Signs. Act Early. Campaign
Food Lion Feeds
University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies
Northside Hospital
Natural Gas Association of Georgia
Georgia Department of Transportation
Georgia Conservancy
Outdoor Industry Association
ATL Transit
The Clean Air Campaign/Georgia Commute Options
CDC’s Act Against AIDS Campaign
CDC’s Take Charge. Take the Test. Campaign


Like every agency, we have employees and contractors, systems and processes. But in the end, there’s only one thing that will set one agency apart from the rest — the people. And no one has better.


Rudy Fernandez, Founder and Creative Director
For more than 25 years, Rudy has created brands and campaigns that change the way people think, feel and act. He is a rare breed of creative who is not only passionate about the creative product but also the science as to why people behave the way they do.

Susan Cooper, Sr. Project Manager & Our Rock
Susan has worked with CO since 2003. In short, she runs things. Everything she touches is streamlined throughout. No matter how complicated or how many twists and turns, when Susan is involved, it will run smoothly and come out perfectly. If you had to pick one person on earth to have on your team to make sure everything gets done right, on time and in budget, you’d pick Susan. She works for us, though.

Patrick Jung, Sr. Art Director and Visual Leader
Patrick has worked with CO since 2003. Patrick is the heartbeat behind our work. Because of his ability to solve even the toughest challenges, we’ve come to expect amazing every time he touches something. Our clients often ask for him because with Patrick on the job, they can go worry about something else.

Troy King, Sr. Art Director, Best Designer in the World
Troy has worked with CO since 2001 and he and Rudy have worked together since way before that. Think of the best-looking thing you’ve ever seen. Troy can make it look better. His work is well thought-out and stunning.

Check out our full team at: https://creativeouthouse.com/about-us/

Typical Hourly Rate

$90 – $215

Year Founded

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Atlanta, Georgia
Working hours: M – F 9am to 6pm EST

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[email protected]



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