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Geographic Focus: United States – US
Business Segment: App Design, App Development, Branding, E-commerce, Mobile App Design, Mobile App Development, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Design, Web Development




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We are a think tank. A cutting edge design/development house.


We are a group of artists who are passionate about the look and feel of the world around us. We love to skate and ride fixed gear bikes on our way to a red carpet fashion event. We enjoy the movement and progression of art and the vibrations of the music that passes though our office floors. It is our goal to help bring your passions, your vision and your dreams to life. To effectively convey your vision and imagination to your customers and clients; to help you meet your goals; to help you become a Digital Marauder.


Marimekko, Macys, Amsale Bridal


Matthew Ramirez

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325 w 38th st #809 New York NY 10018

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[email protected]

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