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Fell Swoop creates digital products & communications that are useful, usable, and creatively inspired.


Founder and principal Matt Dente launched Fell Swoop in 2008 with a vision to become the digital agency of the future. Recognizing that traditional agencies lacked experience and leadership in digital strategy, user-centered design, and research, Matt aimed to establish a company that balances the rigor of user-centered design
with the world-class creative and branding coming out of traditional agencies. This has lead to lasting relationships with some of the world’s leading brands including Facebook, The New Yorker, People Magazine, and Microsoft Windows.

Today, the Fell Swoop team consists of roughly 30 people, including strategists,researchers, visual designers, user experience designers, developers, copywriters, account managers, and producers. Our focus is on delivering exceptional customer service through deep collaboration with our clients in an effort to help them design, build and continuously enhance great digital products and communications.


The New Yorker, People Magazine, Facebook

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316 2nd Ave S Suite 200 Seattle, WASHINGTON (WA) 98104 United States

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