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Geographic Focus: Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, UK
Business Segment: Community Management, Copywriting, Data Analytics, Design Strategy, Digital Strategy, E-commerce, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Mobile Advertising, Paid Search Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Video, Web Design, Web Development



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At FEYM we offer tailor made services focusing on what you want to achieve from your digital marketing.


We spend time getting to know your business and objectives. We review your current digital activity, reach and result metrics, taking time to get to know your industry and market. Only then, can we develop a robust digital strategy to deliver your goals and needs.

The digital landscape is continually evolving. As the goal posts move in your business, we will reposition your digital strategy to evolve and react to shifts in the market, business direction and growth. We constantly review the insight and data so you can continue to enjoy greater returns on your investments.


Carrington Accountancy, Rishworth Aviation, Proudout.com

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WeWork No.1 Spinningfields Quay St Manchester Greater Manchester M3 3JE

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