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Geographic Focus: Canada
Business Segment: Branding, Content Marketing, Mobile App Development, Video, Virtual Reality (VR), Web Development



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As content creators we strive to tell the best stories, by creating immersive and authentic experiences.


360° Video and Virtual Reality are a natural progression for storytelling. Our mission is to combine the best of Virtual and 360° Reality.

iamGeniusVr is the fruit of many years of online marketing, social media engineering and content creating. Genius is to Question, and so we ask: why are we still making such flat content for Mobile when it is the Future of content consumption? Genius is to see the Future, and it is all around us, in 360°.

Our mission is to create projects that actually impact your business. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality work and truly care about your satisfaction. Our team of strategists, analysts, and technologists combine deep expertise to make your future campaign a success. We have a strong passion for the art of marketing. With our team, there are no limits to where we could take your project.


Volvo Laval, Hyundai St-Basile, Olivier Performance, Pioneer DJ, O’Neill, Nike Lebron James

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Montreal, Quebec

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