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We are inbound marketing experts who use content and social marketing to produce a long term funnel of online leads for sales teams around the world.


GoViral was launched in 2011 by Belinda Filippelli, a marketing MBA professional with 20 years of experience in 5 countries across three continents.
We are a boutique agency which specialises in inbound marketing by attracting clients through engaging content across all social channels. Through our personalised consulting, we will help to guide you and your business to become the best you can be.


GoViral is a team of creative, enthusiastic, social media marketing professionals who are in love with the internet and obsessed with their clients.
Instead of outsourcing your marketing activities to us, we are outsourcing our creative professionals to you.
Our team will provide customised services according to your preferences.

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85 EUR/h

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Prague, Czech Republic
Mon-Fri, 10.00-18.00 CET

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