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Geographic Focus: United States – US
Business Segment: App Design, App Development, Branding, Data Analytics, Design Strategy, Digital Strategy, Market Research, Media Buying, User Experience Design, Web Design, Web Development



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Imagemme is an award-winning, boutique branding agency specialized in brand identity creation, product design, packaging design, and web design.


A nimble and passionate team, we act as our clients’ in-house agency, offering an open and collaborative environment. We believe in value-driven design, and that our success as an agency depends, ultimately, on the commercial success of our clients.

Our clients are emerging and established, ranging from cosmetics to consumer technology to food and beverage. They include: Polaroid, Samsung, Klorane, Supersmile, Avene, and many more.


Samsung, Ful, Klorane, Supersmile

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New York

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[email protected]

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