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Geographic Focus: Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE
Business Segment: App Design, App Development, Mobile App Design, Mobile App Development, Social Media Advertising, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Design, Web Development




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iMakaseb is a dynamic customer engagement platform.


Whether the target is consumers, visitors, distributors, merchants, retailers or even employees, iMakaseb facilitates digital interactions with flexible control, analytics, and reporting options. iMakaseb is customizable to operate diverse propositions such as promotions, pointing loyalty schemes, product registration, data collection, etc.
Customer interactions can be managed through multiple channels including basic text and messaging apps, chatbots, web links and emails, social media, mobile apps as well as a sophisticated bar code, QR code readers, and Geo stamps. A variety of rewards, redemption, and responses are offered to customers ranging from digital content, mobile top-up, and e-vouchers.
Operational and reporting dashboards are an integral part of our platform as insights and analysis we provide are as valuable as the customer interactions we provide.


Btcino, Ulker, EVA Cosmetics, NORC OILS

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United Arab Emirates

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