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In2media is an independent digital agency founded in 1994.


We work with ambitious brands and organisations to innovate and craft the future of digital experiences. Our offices are located in Copenhagen and New York.

At In2media we are digital pioneers… and we always have been. Since the beginning, we have been motivated by the many possibilities the internet has created for both businesses and users. When it comes to introducing new technologies, we have been frontrunners all the way. We just can’t stop ourselves: We love new technology, new challenges and difficult tasks.

In the digital world we know that everything starts and ends with the users. They decide and define what is good and what is unacceptable. It has never been easier to choose a new supplier, another brand or a better solution.

We strive to create relevant and valuable products, services and solutions, and to involve the user in the process. We call this user-centered design.

We insist on acquiring insights and understanding client and user needs. We believe that this creates solutions that strengthen the relationship between clients and users.


Pandora Jewelry, Danish Bank, Oticon

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Rosenvængets allé 11,2. 2100 Copenhagen

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