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Business Segment: Branding, Community Management, Data Analytics, Digital Strategy, Graphic Design, Market Research, Media Buying, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, Video



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In choosing an agency, it’s not enough to find smart people. You need smart people who know how to work with you.

Interplanetary is a full-service communications agency run by five highly experienced marketers. We started our collaboration years ago at several of the world’s biggest advertising agencies.

We love the craft of advertising, and love proving you don’t need a traditional agency to deliver it.

Interplanetary brings worlds together. We deal in big, unifying ideas and their implications for every touch point in your communications universe. We find the humanity at the heart of your brand and use it to break barriers, start movements, and generate extraordinary results.

Interplanetary is ideal for marketers with large issues to address. Marketers in a hurry for change. Marketers who want big agency thinking and a seat at the table. We’ve built our business by making our clients feel at home. Interplanetary clients don’t just buy work. They buy partners.


PBS Thirteen, Astoria Bank, Ameritrade, City of Hope

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