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Geographic Focus: United States – US
Business Segment: Animation, App Design, Branding, Design Strategy, Graphic Design, Mobile App Design, Video, Web Design



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We’re a collective of passionate individuals with varying skills from a multitude of fields.


Together, we believe in producing work with purpose, brands with impact and exceptional craftsmanship for our community and clients.

We began as artists – each individually driven to perfecting our craft. Nearly two decades later, we’ve grown into a full-service branding agency that takes a holistic approach to our clients’ needs from multifaceted campaigns and complete rebranding efforts to ongoing retainer services. We invest deeply in our relationships, ask the right questions and approach every task with the innate passion we started Kitchen Sink Studios. Under our roof, your needs and goals are at the core, and we’ve proven since 1999 our strategic, solution-oriented work will exceed expectations. So, we’d love to know – What can we create with you?


Ezra Arthur, McFarlane, Western Alliance Bank, Huxtonc, Windsor

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828 North Third Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85004

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[email protected]

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