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Lead Horse is an Atlanta based digital marketing agency that delivers big brand expertise to growing companies and savvy start-ups.


Our strategies are influenced by real feedback from your customers; think the Lean Start-up Method meets Digital Marketing. Lead Horse grows your business online through a truly collaborative partnership. We are not another vendor or service provider, Lead Horse is an extension of your team.
Lead Horse thrives on solving complex tracking challenges. As a result, we provide your business the ability to track advertising ROI at the most granular level across all digital marketing channels. To ensure our interests are always aligned, Lead Horse bucks the industry trend and offers pay-for-performance pricing.
Lead Horse does not expect an engagement proposal on our “first date,” so we offer a 90 day “value period.” Your business will experience the impact Lead Horse delivers before signing a long-term commitment. Simply put, we are good people that enjoy working with other good people.


National Eating Disorder Treatment Company, National Rehab & Detox Company, Park ‘N Fly

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