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Melkweg is a design consultancy & interactive production company. We create digital solutions which make everydays easier.


The work always has to be done. However, in the traditional setup nobody really cared. It was just work. It was us versus the client. Times change though… We care more. End-users care more. Clients care more. We see that all players are more and more interested and emotionally invested in the end product. We are not looking for clients or employees. We are looking for partners who have their own plans, but also want to work together with others. With others who care. With others who are willing to get their hands dirty for the common good.


We are a small but efficient and passionate team, specialized in more than 15 professional fields with more than 15 years of experience. We’re maintaining a creative environment where strategy, design thinking, and expert knowledge can blossom into authentic work.

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1036, Budapest, Hungary, Pacsirtamező Str. 41-43
Weekdays 10am – 6pm

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