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PeopleLikeUs is a creative digital agency in Montreal. We’re a company that works together, has fun together, and above all, succeeds together.


We’ve grown into a team of talented individuals, many with top agency experience and many others who followed the road less traveled to our doorstep. We deliver outstanding work for our clients, on time and on budget.

Founded in 2005, PeopleLikeUs is more than a web shop, more than a design shop, nimbler than traditional agencies and most certainly faster. We focus our expertise on creating things that are not only visually engaging but also measurable to the click. We like to move quickly, adapting to live data and analytics from the real world.

We work with select clients ranging from early stage start-ups to Fortune 100 giants. We’re successful because we put people first: our clients and their customers, our employees and suppliers.


General Electric, Canadian Medical Association, NIRVANA, ZIRH, P&G

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Montreal, Quebec

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