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Geographic Focus: Canada
Business Segment: App Development, Design Strategy, User Experience Design



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Pilot is an interactive design agency building powerful branded digital experiences.


We partner with innovative businesses to solve problems, unlock new markets and impact their bottom line.

Our mission is to apply innovative technology to create close connections between brands and audiences. We believe that design matters; that a focus on thoughtful interactions can inspire, delight, and influence audiences in significant ways.

We start by asking questions. We work to understand our clients’ competitive markets, their audience, their brand, their people, and what the future might hold. All of this information informs strategic decisions as we work to position them as innovators in their field.

Our culture of curiosity is fostered by a shared drive to make things better. It is our nature to keep asking—and answering—questions to avoid being stuck in convention. We believe that it is not just about building what’s new, but rather building what’s right for our clients.

All of this doesn’t come easy, but we know it is worthwhile.


Nike Running, Samsung, Medivice, NSB.com,

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555 Richmond St. West Suite 502 Toronto, Ontario,Canada

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