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A company to support growth and development of tech related companies.


Technology-based companies are a leading force in growing the wealth of individuals as well and the economy in general. High tech companies must understand innovation and growth in the face of direct and indirect competition. The customers of high tech companies are just as innovative as the tech companies they buy from. These early adopters are the lifeblood of any entrepreneur who wants to build and monetize the technology.

Our team of engineers, marketers, sales professionals, and invention consultants understand the complexities of getting the right solution to the right customer promptly. Our daily routine is all about tech research, innovation, customer discovery, and making a solution presentable to early adopters. We don’t just consult. We build technology and turn it into business opportunities. We do pure tech research to expand the technical understanding of many leading-edge ideas, including AI, RF, Smart City, and Low power electronic systems. We actively support the funding needs by guiding marketers, developers, and managers through the complex and varied options of government funding, banking, and angel investing.

Many members of our team, including myself, have been building technology and providing invention consultation since before the internet was a thing. We have extensive experience and love for technology. If you want to develop a high tech company, we can help.

Chris Pinter, CEO of Pinterec


Our team focuses and invests in our capabilities in only three areas of activity. We break down the technology business growth into concepts of research, development and growth. Each concept has a strategy, investment, marketing and technical aspect.

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