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Resource/Ammirati, a digitally led creative agency, is part of IBM Interactive Experience (IBM iX), the world’s largest digital agency network.


We help marketers including Birchbox, DSW, Microsoft, Nestlé, Newell Rubbermaid, North American Breweries, Sherwin-Williams, White Castle and Victoria’s Secret build Brand Belonging, cultivate customer relationships, fuel social impact and drive growth.

Founded in 1981 with Apple as its first client, Resource/Ammirati is known for digital experience innovation and a rich tradition of thought leadership, including The OPEN Brand, which provided marketers a playbook for navigating the “always on,” technology-inspired and consumer-driven OPEN era. IBM iX acquired Resource/Ammirati in February 2016 as part of a collaborative mission to use creativity and technology to make anything possible for clients.


P&G, Nestlé, Microsoft

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