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Geographic Focus: Canada
Business Segment: Branding, Digital Strategy, User Experience Design, Web Development



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A digital branding agency offering global services in branding, web app development, UX, e-commerce, digital strategy & social marketing.


We design, build and craft products that provide value and improve the lives of the people they touch. By creating digital communication and branding solutions that are rooted in strategy, intelligence, design, and technology, we like to think we inject a little emotion into digital.

Today, we also have the added advantage of having insights into what the consumer is thinking and feeling – which is why social and data analysis are an integral part of our approach. At Skyrocket, creative thinking and digital innovation converge to ensure that your product is ready to deliver now and able to adapt in the future. And if ‘location location location’ is essential for your success – surely your flagship store has to be online?

Skyrocket. Design for Tomorrow.


YYOGA, OMNIFILM, KABUNI, California Closets

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Vancouver, BC

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