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Slogan: programmatic advertising, digital advertising,


31W 34th Street

New York, NY

United States

Hotline: 15162431241

Geographic Focus: New York, NY

Business Segment: Advertising, Digital Strategy, Mobile & App Marketing

Avg. Hourly Rate: Undisclosed

Min Project Size: Undisclosed

Founded: 2011

Employees: 50 – 249

Website: https://smartyads.com/

SmartyAds is a global full-stack developer of multichannel programmatic advertising solutions for demand and supply partners and digital marketers as well.

Today SmartyAds technological stack features 11 end-to-end digital solutions that incorporate the efficiency of latest technological innovation into the business of our clients, helping them to:

  • Save media-buying costs
  • Enhance media selling effectiveness
  • Ensure brand safety
  • Obtain robust measurement and assessment of their marketing activities
  • Raise independent, enterprise-level solutions that adjust to business development and objectives.

Our Key products are:

  • SmartyAds DSP connects advertisers, brands, and agencies with premium publishers across the globe.
  • SmartyAds SSP provides an all-in-one solution for publishers to monetize their content.
  • Smarty Ads White Label Solution provides 100% customizable digital advertising solutions with a complete programmatic ecosystem surrounding them.
  • SmartyAds transparent RTB Ad Marketplace for both supply and demand partners.
  • Quantum analytics is an innovative predictive analytics tool which is able to process the data in seconds and obtain actionable ad campaign insights in real-time.
  • CPI Platform that helps to leverage all advantages of the cost per install advertising model with the help of MA and AI algorithms.
  • Thanks to SmartyAds CDP, it became possible to integrate tons of customer data into a single centralized platform, which significantly improved the quality of insights.


SmartyAds Portfolio

Key clients:

Web&mobile advertisers and publishers, brands, ad agencies, ad networks, and digital marketers

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