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Geographic Focus: Canada, United States – US
Business Segment: Chatbot, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, E-commerce, Market Research, Performance Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design



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Social Spike Marketing Group is a digital marketing, search engine optimization company, located in Halifax, NS. We help companies start to rank on Google, and dramatically improve their visibility online. If you own a business, have ambitious growth goals, and are looking for an awesome teammate to help you measurably improve your marketing performance and get more leads and sales from the web, then book your free discovery call today!


I’ll be honest I love Marketing. I have always loved Marketing to the point that when I was young, I would see commercials on TV and analyze what was going on like I was at the round table in Madmen. Over the last decade, I have been focused on learning as much as I can about the digital marketing realm. I have worked with multi-million dollar tech start ups and, I have created my own start up company and, I have consulted with nearly 2500 small businesses on their digital marketing needs.

With Social Spike Marketing Group, I have combined my many years of experiences, countless hours of work and testing, and even some blood, sweat and tears into what I offer monthly for my clients. I fight for and I create lasting partnerships with my clients. This is all about you and what we can do to take your businesses to the level you invision. We will work relentlessly to ensure that we help put you on the map, and help your business thrive, not just survive.

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609-569 Washmill Lake Dr.
Halifax, NS B3S0E3

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1 (902) 710-8063

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