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Business Segment: Animation, Branding, Content Marketing, Data Analytics, Design Strategy, Digital Strategy, Graphic Design, Market Research, Media Buying, Social Media Management



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Spike DDB is more than a boutique ad agency. We’re a Brooklyn-based collaborative; combining the creative inspiration of acclaimed director and visionary Spike Lee with the backing and resources of the global DDB network to create an agency that challenges conventions, just like our fearless leader.


We’re a diverse collective of creative storytellers and advertising alchemists endeavoring to create stories that change perceptions and content that inspires people.

Spike DDB always keeps it moving (that’s the Brooklyn way), to keep pace with an ever-evolving culture. It’s in that rarified zone where the real agents of change are discovered. These doers and thinkers, writers and builders are the ones shaping and defining the New Americana of the 21st century.

Since 1997, we’ve won our fair share of awards and public accolades but since that fateful first day when we opened our doors, we’ve been driven by one goal: To change the world.

More information can be found at www.spikeddb.com.


Pepsi, Lays, HBO, NBA,

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