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UP Advertising is an independent, multidisciplinary creative agency based in Budapest.


People often say: Keep going forward!

But what does that really mean? Following the status quo? 
Staying in your lane?
Is that what you want? Slowly becoming irrelevant? Would you rather want to stand out? Or stand up for something? To dictate the trends and not just follow them? Do you want to be loved and not just liked? To change the course of history?

Then why go forward if you can go UP?


2019. Gastro Design award, Postel redesign » golden
2018. HRKomm Award silver: MOL Dog Policy
2018. HRKomm Award short list: Female Heroes in IT
2018. Pakk Golden award: Mizo Felébresztejek
2018. Content Marketing Award Silver Award: Staropramen Gastrorevolution
2017. Media Design Silver award: Staropramen Gastrorevolution
2017. Prizma short list: Staropramen Gastrorevolution
2017. Short list Arany Penge: Telekom 100% campaign
2017. Short list Hipnózis: Telekom 100% campaign
Website of the year 2016.: Budapest Park website 1.st place
Website of the year 2015. : Sípark website Quality award
Media Design 2014.: Berentzen website 1.st place
Hipnózis 2014.: Peppers! Rebranding 3.rd place
Website of the year 2014.: Berentzen website special price
Gastro Design 2014.: Peppers! Rebranding short list
Golden Lollipop 2013.: E.ON Hajtóerőmű 1.st place
Golden Lollipop 2013.: Vodafone Soundmapping 1.st place
Mobile app of the year 2013.: SmartBank application 1.st place
Hipnózis 2013.: Vodafone Soundmapping 1.st place
Midem 2013.: Vodafone Soundmapping 1.st place
Tomorrow Awards 2012.: Vodafone Soundmapping short list
Greenovation 2012.: Borsodi ReCup 1. place
Gold Lollipop 2012.: www.postitup.com short list
Golden Lollipop 2012.: Vodafone Soundmapping short list
Golden Lollipop 2011.: Borsodi Art Recycling Events, party’s, concert’s / 3. place
Golden Lollipop 2011.: Vodafone Internet Eden shortlist
Hipnózis 2011.: BZF 2011. Integrated campaign1. place
Hipnózis 2011.: www.alljasorvegere.hu / Online campaign 1. place
Arany Penge 2010.: Festival training/ Other online solutions short list
Hipnózis 2010.: BZF Festival training/ Other online solutions 3. place
Golden Lollipop 2010 .: www.alljasorvegere.hu / online promotion special prize
Golden Lillipop 2010 .: BZF integrated BTL campaign special prize
The most successful promotion of the year 2009.: Cheer for loudly / 2. place
The most successful promotion of the year 2009 short list: Pepsi 15 mp fame
Hipnózis 2009 creative advertising competition: aki fújt, aki nem… – Consumer focused event/ 1. place
Golden LolliPOP 2009.: Beck’s Equaliser Space POS materials 3. place
Event Expo 2009.: Rapid Date / 3. place
Golden LolliPOP 2008.: Beck’s Led Bar/ Pos materials, installations/ 1. place
Golden LolliPOP 2008.: www.akifujtakinem client-party/ Events, client meetings/ 1. place
Golden LolliPOP 2008. short list: Beck’s Visual Mixer/ product presentations, hostess promotions
Golden LolliPOP 2008.:Borsodi Malatabar/ Events, partys, concerts
Golden LolliPOP 2008.: The beauty speeds to you/ game for prizes
Golden LolliPOP 2006.: Lipton Red Beverages- Best Design/ Hostess promotion 1. place
Golden LolliPOP 2006.: Lipton Red Beverages- Best Innovation/ Hostess promotion 1. place


Tungsram, GE, Generali, Tuborg, Somersby


We have almost two decades of experience in turning heads, starting trends and lifting brands. From small Instagram promos to integrated campaigns, our independent DNA gives us the freedom to flexibly adjust to every brand, brief, and budget. For us, there’s no difference between B2B or B2C.
We know only one way to communicate:
H2H. Human to human.

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1036 – Budapest
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