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Business Segment: Animation, Branding, Community Management, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Digital Strategy, E-commerce, Market Research, Media Buying, Public Relations, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, Web Design, Web Development



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VMGROUPE / LBCVMG is a global 360 digital creative and brand development agency specializing in beauty, fashion, hospitality, financial sectors, luxury branding, advertising and interactive media.


In this digital era, we deliver strategy-driven design; forward-thinking creative marketing and visually rich solutions combined with cutting-edge technology, photography, video and global production services.

VMGROUPE / LBCVMG’s harmonious team of branding, strategy and digital marketing specialists and creative technologists are all extremely passionate about serving and contributing to the creative development of leading brands. We build brands and create emotional content that evokes a must-have desire from our clients’ clients. We are passionate about effectively communicating your message to your audience, whether it is through an online package, complete identity system, advertising campaign, retail design, event production, or the combination of all our disciplines, our work compliments all of your communication channels within a domestic, national or international market.

Our 360 Capabilities:

– Strategy
– Branding
– Digital
– eCommerce
– In-Store Interactive Displays
– Content Management Systems
– Beacon Technology
– Unique Content Creation
– Photography (Advertising, eCommerce, Editorial, Still Life, Retouching)
– Video ( Treatments & Storyboards, Directing, Filming, Editing)
– Pre & Post Production
– Social Media & Public Relations
– Events
– Spatial & Retail Store Design


Gilt, Coca Cola, Kerastase, Vogue

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Brooklyn, New York

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[email protected]

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