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We created WIDE relationship with over 70 clients, helping them on the UX/UI and development level.


Imagine that your online product is a set of atoms. The first atom is your business idea and from that point it all begins. If you decide to proceed with that idea, you will build a molecules structure around it and finally the organism itself. Most of the products fail not because there is a bad idea behind – they fail because there can be a few atoms that disturb the whole mechanism.

Our role is to provide you the best mixture of business, project management, design and development skills to create a unique organism. Give us a try and let’s make a 10 minutes intro call to show you around our Lab – WideLab.


Here.com, Credible, GetHired, WeWork, Walkme, Cardcash, Locatee, Wibbitz, Asseco, Euler Hermes, Amun, Washmen


We are a team providing the mixture of UI/UX design, app development and business skills to create a unique online organism.

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aleja Grunwaldzka 472,
80-309 Gdańsk, Poland
We are a remote team with flexible working hours.

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